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SPARK provides charging power

Eldrive charging stations are free for all SPARK users, who can recharge their vehicle for about 3 hours. The charging stations are strategically deployed in Sofia and Plovdiv close to business clusters, hotels, and shopping malls. Each of the charging stations has at least 2 charging points, providing constant access for the SPARK electric vehicles.

How to charge SPARK

SPARK charging mobile app
Find the nearest SPARK charging station on the SPARK app.
SPARK charging cable
There are permanently fixed charging cables to all the charging stations on the territory of the city of Sofia and Plovdiv. Remove the cable's charging connector of the plug at the wall and connect it to the car charging port.
Charging station activation
Activate the charging process by using the Eldrive card (in the car documents).
SPARK charging cable
To stop charging, re-insert the Eldrive card of the station’s reader, release the cable connector from the car and place it on the holder next to the station. If you cannot remove the plug, press the car unlock button and try again. Please do not try to remove the cable from the charging station.