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Exclusive long-term SPARK rent packages

We at SPARK understand the complications that the state of emergency and the quarantine imposed on the territory of Bulgaria are creating for all corporate and private users of our service and that is why we developed exclusive long-term rent packages.

Our new product encourages long-term rental periods rather than multiple short rental sessions. That way we reduce the total number of people who have rented any vehicle through significantly reducing the price for the daily rent for SPARK vehicles.

Electric cars and exclusive packages

Corporate users
Package 30+
31 bgndaily

VW e-up!

Nissan Leaf AC Only

Nissan Leaf 24

Private users
Package 30+
35 bgndaily

Corporate users
Package 30+
49 bgndaily

Nissan Leaf 40

Nissan eNV 200

Hyundai Kona 40

Private users
Package 30+
53 bgndaily

Corporate users
Package 30+
55 bgndaily

BMW i3

Hyundai IONIQ 30

Private users
Package 30+
59 bgndaily

What exactly are SPARK’s long-term rental packages?

The “30+” package is a great opportunity for corporate and private users to pay upfront and rent a SPARK vehicle for a month, taking advantage of a significantly lower daily rent price. When you prepay a long-term rent package, you get a thoroughly cleaned and disinfected car* with a certificate that guarantees that you are the first user of that car after the cleaning procedure. The packages include unlimited free charging in Eldrive’s charging network (more than 220 charging points with national coverage).

How can I prepay a long-term rental SPARK package?

If you want to prepay a long-term rent package, please, call our support center at +359 897 32 10 81; +359 894 420 498, or write an e-mail to [email protected] You can also fill the contact form below and we will get in touch with you shortly. Once you prepay the package, you will get a coupon in your SPARK profile which covers the whole time period of the package.

Are there any limitations when using a long-term package?

For the package “30+” package you get 4500 free kilometers for the rent period. If you exceed the free mileage additional fee of 0,30 – 0,40 BGN (depending on the chosen model) per kilometer is charged. No other limitations are imposed.

Can I change the vehicle during the rental period?

Yes, you can. You can end your rent session and rent any other free car in SPARK. Please, keep in mind that if you choose different car model, that might affect the rental time period. Also, we cannot guarantee that the next vehicle will be freshly cleaned and disinfected with a certificate that guarantees that you are the first user of that car after the cleaning procedure.

Are there any additional costs except the cost of the package

No – you get a clean disinfected vehicle, with a RFID card for free charging in Eldrive’s network (over 80 EV charging points in Sofia and over 220 in Bulgaria). All taxes, insurance cost** and free mileage are included in the package price

How do the long-term rent packages work

You contact our associates, prepay via bank transfer and receive a coupon for much higher value that would cover the rental expense for the whole prepaid period. You will be reserved a car model of your choice, which you can pick up from a specified location. The car will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, for which you will receive a certificate, assuring that you are the first user of that car after the cleaning procedure.

*cleaned and disinfected vehicle will be provided on a location pointed by SPARK
**during long-term rent sessions you need to comply and follow SPARK’s Vehicle lease and services agreement and General terms and conditions for lease and provision of services
For further information or long-term package purchase,
please call us at +359 897 321 081; +359 894 420 498,
write an e-mail to [email protected]

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