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Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions uploaded on 3.09.2018 and valid for existing users from 14.09.2018

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General information and registration

SPARK is an electric car rental service in Sofia city. The electric cars can be located and reserved via the SPARK mobile application on your smartphone.
SPARK electric cars are powered by re-chargeable batteries. The estimated level of battery power and travel range are displayed on the car's panel and in the SPARK mobile application. The car‘s travel range depends on the battery's capacity, weather conditions and an individual's driving style. The battery of an electric car can be charged at either a SPARK charging station, or other public and private charging stations compatible with a Type 2 plug (VW e-up!) or Shuko socket. Charging at Eldrive station is initiated or stopped with Eldrive card, which you will find in the documents of the car. SPARK electric cars are the newest models with an automatic transmission. Inside each car you will find the registration documents, insurance policy, ignition key and User Manual.
A fully charged Volkswagen e-up! can travel up to 160 km. The battery will only need charging when there is less than 10 kilometres of estimated travel left.
Each user is given the opportunity to rate the previous SPARK driver, of the same electric car, on a scale of 1 to 5  (1 star being bad and 5 stars being good). The rating system is designed to evaluate if the car has been parked appropriately; if the car's interior is clean and not littered; if all the car's items and devices are present.
To become a SPARK user, you need to have a minimum one year valid category B driving license and a valid payment card.
At the final step of  the registration at SPARK you will be charged 5 BGN from your bank card, after which you will receive a 7 BGN coupon. This is needed in order to validate your profile and payment method.

Before travel

SPARK electric cars and charging stations are available on the mobile SPARK application. On the map, you can also select and book SPARK EV.
The reservation of a SPARK electric car lasts for up to 15 minutes and is free of charge. During this time you can either cancel the reservation, or for an additional cost you can extend the reservation for another 15 or 30 minutes, but only once. If you wish to cancel the reservation after making an extension, the additional cost will not be reimbursed.
It is strictly forbidden to allow someone else to drive a SPARK electric car during the period of your reservation – penalties will be applied for any misuse of a SPARK electric car.
If you notice any signs of physical damage to either the SPARK electric car or any of its devices, please call +359 2 419 3476 or use the SPARK mobile application to report it before using the car.
Inside a SPARK electric car you will find the ignition key, a User Manual, registration documents,insurance policy, Eldrive card for charging station as also cards for enetering parking zones (for the zones where cards are needed). In accordance with the User Manual, please check if all of the above inventory is present. Also in the trunk you should find 1 charging cable: for charging station Type 2. If you notice any deficiencies or any other discrepancies, please call +359 2 419 3476 or use the SPARK mobile application to report it before using the car.
You can unlock your reserved SPARK electric car by pressing the ‘Unlock’ button in the SPARK mobile application – having been temporarily stopped, the vehicle is locked with its ignition key inside. In order to finish your rental session, please leave the ignition key inside the vehicle, step out of the car and press the ‘Finish trip’ button in the SPARK mobile application to lock the car.


In the car documents you will find cards for entering all Spark parking zones. Use only those cards and do not take any tickets from the barriers. For all other parking zones, please follow the location rules. Please keep in mind, that you cannot end session on any private parking which is in the white zones. You can do this only on partner locations, which are: -The Mall -Metro 1 -Bulgaria Mall -Fantastiko Ovcha Kupel -Fantastiko Siomeonvsko shose -Fantastiko SkyCity Mall -National Historical Museum -Kiler.bg (warehouses) -"Siven" Business Center -Sofia Airport Terminal 2 (outside parking) -Porsche South Sofia -"Europe" Trade Center -Sofia Tech Park
No, you are not required to return the car to the same place. After finishing your rental session of a SPARK electric car, please park the vehicle in the marked in the mobile app zones. It is forbidden to leave the car in a private or commercial car park, or to violate any laws as set out in the Rules of Road Traffic. Please bear in mind that leaving a SPARK electric car in an inappropriate place will prevent you from successfully ending your rental session in the SPARK mobile application.
Please inform us by calling +359 2 419 3476 as soon as possible.
Yes, you are allowed to as long as you use appropriate child car seats.
Yes, you are allowed to take pets as long as you guarantee that they are kept in appropriate containers and prevent the SPARK electric car from getting dirty.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in any SPARK electric car – penalties will be applied for any misuse of a SPARK electric car.
No. The SPARK team takes care of washing the SPARK electric cars.
This may happen if: 1) you have not parked the SPARK electric car in a valid SPARK parking place as marked on the map in the SPARK mobile application; 2) you are trying to park the SPARK electric car unplugged in a charging station with an estimated range of less than 10 kilometres. You will be allowed to end your rental session after eliminating these issues.
If this should happen, please find the nearest charging station on the map in the SPARK mobile application. Depending on the type of charging station, the charging time may take from 20 minutes to a few hours. Please plan your trip accordingly.


All standard charges and taxes are included in the pricing, but to avoid any unexpected costs, please review the Table of Possible Penalties.
The fare for travelling with a SPARK electric car is calculated by the time spent using the vehicle. The cost of the insurance, technical maintenance and SPARK car charging are all included in our rental price.
The fare is taken from your payment card and processed after you have finished each rental session, or after one full rental day has been reached. In case you have more than one registered payment card, the fare is taken from the card marked as your primary one in the settings of the SPARK mobile application. Should your payment card have insufficient funds, you will not be able to start a new rental session. To enable your payment card to pay for your SPARK trips, you should register your card for the secure internet shopping in your bank.
Monthly receipts are sent by email at the beginning of each month. If you require a receipt for a specific journey during that same month you can go to the settings of the SPARK mobile application, or the SPARK website, and request a specific invoice. Additionally you can call SPARK team to require an invoice.
You can find your journey log and payment history on the SPARK mobile application or on the SPARK website.
You are allowed to park SPARK electric cars free of charge within the city center as also in the marked in the mobile app zones.


We recommend you charge the SPARK electric car at one of the charging stations marked on the map in the SPARK mobile application. For that purpose use the Eldrive card which can be found in the documents of the car. The battery can also be charged at a public or private charging station, but please check if the vehicle which you are driving is compatible with it. Every vehicle has one charging cable specifically for the model, which is for charging stations Type 2. After finishing the charging process, please put back into the trunk the charging cable. Additionally VW eUP can be charged at CCS and Nissan at CHAdeMO fast-chargers, where the cable of the charging station is used. In case that you would like to use the car for a few days, you could require also a SHUKO charging cable from our office.
Yes, you are but in order to do that you need to take personally charging Shuko cable from our office in working days. The rules for charging are attached to the back of the cable, which we recommend you follow strictly. Recharging at home may take up to a few hours, so please plan your trip accordingly.

Insurance and help

All SPARK electric cars are insured against theft and traffic accidents.
Please act in accordance with the Rules of Road Traffic and other legal acts of the Republic of Bulgaria. In case of a traffic accident or under any circumstances after damaging the car, you must immediately inform emergency services by calling 112 and notify SPARK by calling +359 2 419 3476, and take all necessary actions to minimize further damage to a SPARK car.   You must also follow all insurance rules which can be found inside the car. Please leave all the relevant documents, including the traffic accident scheme, in the SPARK electric car.
In case you are not able to use the SPARK electric car safely, please end the rental session as soon as possible, inform us by calling +359 2 419 3476 and act in accordance with our further instructions.

SPARK for Business

SPARK electric cars are zero-emission and noiseless vehicles. SPARK is a more cost-efficient choice for businesses than own cars (you will save on lease payments, insurance, fuel and parking expenses) or taxi and ride-sharing services.
Please click on SPARK for Business page where you enter your company’s code and email address. Your business account will be activated within 1-2 working days.
Creating a SPARK business account should take you no more than a few minutes. After receiving the account confirmation, your company shall be able to invite the company’s employees to use your SPARK business account. Authorized employees should download the SPARK mobile application (for iOs and Android smartphones) and then to complete a short personal registration.
The nearest SPARK electric car can be located and unlocked by using the SPARK mobile application. SPARK vehicles are normally parked in one of many our charging stations, located at numerous office buildings in Sofia as well as in any convenient place in central Sofia (as marked by white zone on a map of the SPARK mobile application). Please keep in mind, that you cannot end session on any private parking which is in the white zones. You can do this only on partner locations, which are: -The Mall -Metro 1 -Bulgaria Mall -Fantastiko Ovcha Kupel -Fantastiko Siomeonvsko shose -Fantastiko SkyCity Mall -National Historical Museum -Kiler.bg (warehouses) -"Siven" Business Center -Sofia Airport Terminal 2 (outside parking) -Porsche South Sofia -"Europe" Trade Center -Sofia Tech Park
After each calendar month corporate customers will be emailed monthly invoices, which should be settled by a bank transfer.
After reaching certain billing levels each month, your business account will qualify for a corporate discount.